Playing Real Money Slots

ALL RIGHT, maybe you aren’t getting to feel the slot machine handle in your hand, but when you play online slots you don’t need to put up with the crowds, the site visitors, or the person near you spilling his drink in your lap. Online slots, as well as gambling apps for real money, are hot and you can win a ton of money without ever leaving your home.

online slots

You can find multi-line online slots, progressive online slots, 3-reel online slots, 5-reel online slots and bonus slots nearly just about everywhere you look. Many of the mobile casinos have  online slot VIP and loyalty clubs to earn prizes and bonuses exclusively for playing.

The 3-reel online slots obviously have three reels and only one pay-line. These are the standard of slots with the smallest jackpots but the easiest to win.

All multi-line slots also have about three reels, but they have got multiple pay lines which provide more chances to be able to win.

Bonus online slots offer free benefit spins which supply you with additional chances to be able to win without risking any extra dollars. Some machines use a second screen to win additional cash.

Online slots games are just about the most popular kind of gaming on the net. Although online slots undoubtedly are a game of opportunity, and no skill required to win, you can increase your odds of winning more than you spend if you play strategically.

The most effective online slots strategy is to participate in online slot game tournaments. Slot tournaments are very popular these days and you will find them on small and large online casinos world wide.

Online slots competitions are exciting, fun and there usually are some huge money prizes available. In truth, some tournaments offer prizes as big as $25,000 for first place, $10,000 for second place along with $5,000 for third place winners.

Online slots tournaments tend to not be open to those who are not a slots club member. That’s why it is very important to join online slot clubs when they are offered. You’ll usually receive notification of the upcoming online slots tournament via email or when you log into your favorite online casino.

Slot tournament spaces fill quickly and if they are filled no-one else can enroll. Keep an eye open for approaching online slots competitions and join one if you’re able to.

Another winning strategy is to play progressive online/mobile slots. This type of game involves a network of online slots that are joined together electronically. A portion going into each online slot game is added to the jackpot. However, you are often only eligible to be able to win the jackpot in the event you play the maximum number of coins for each spin; otherwise you just win a portion of the jackpot, not the entire amount.

Remember to play slots for real money is fun, although it’s still playing. Never risk greater than you can afford to lose, and turn your computer off for the night if you’re on a losing streak. There’s always another day to play slots online.

Casino cruise is indeed an amazing ultra modern casino

Gokkasten Casinos always have been the favourite game for college goers to business tycoons. In many a parties you can find a station that hosts casino, where you can find players completely engrossed in battling for life in the game, irrespective of all possible factors that separate them. It would not be wrong if I proclaim it to be an obsession. For the gang of casino lovers, this obviously includes me here probes up a different one known as Casino Cruise.

Even the discoverers of the game back in Madeira would love to try their hand in this new set up.  Getting to this place was not a big deal because of Casino cruise is located at an apt place. We availed of transportation through bus.

Gokkasten Casinos

An excellent Gokkasten in affordable price
It was just the last month that I had been to this wonderful place, when I along with my friends landed here. With vibrant hues the place welcomed us. It was for the first time we were exposed to such extravagance. To describe the play station in a word is to say that it is an epitome of magnificence.

I can’t help but disclose the fact that the structures of the play station a boat. That idea is not just offbeat but thrilling too. And they have made no comprise to give the entire architecture an opulent look. Casino cruise is famed for this arranging such an innovative venue. All credit to their hard working team.

The arrangements are very posh and maintain parity with the technological advancements. They leave no stone unturned to put up a crystal clear system. It would not be wrong to call it a visual treat. The ambience also accentuates the essence of playing the game. The best part of the entire venture is their exciting prizes. What they promise you shall definitely receive, in return all that you need to do is seize the opportunity and play till you are tired.

In general there are six varieties of the game, but in casino cruise you shall receive multiple diversities of the game. The amusing fact is that the team of casino cruise has succeeded in involving each and every person present there in the game. We were dressed up enjoying to the fullest, but the other people present were also no less.

Enthralling varieties of gaming
It was my first bump into with the game. So I being tensed and confused was very obvious. The cordial lady staffs present came to our rescue. They very clearly explained every minute fact in detail. Even a light rocking boat, the entire crew of Casino cruise succeeds in putting forth an enormous and a vibrant casino. There are a number of games available, and almost all of them come with attractive gifts.

Prior to our visit to the place, we had browsed through the official website of the casino. So we were quite aware of the game offerings.  We targeted lucky zodiac and game of thrones. Apart from these, there are many others like Merry Xmas, Serenity, Star dust, and so on.

These games are equally beguiling when visited online through the official website of casino cruise. That particular day, I have had hard luck, but I could retain my place in the game for quite some time. But the case was different for my friend. He was completely engrossed and yielded quite handsome to what he had invested in it.

Jackpots that make you gasp
Indeed it is true. The jackpots that casino cruise offers shall not just make you pant in utter surprise, but also make your eyes stretch out in wonder. The jackpots are electrifying as well. To welcome the Christmas this year the team has brought out a Christmas edition of their game. One can also get up to 124 spins free.

The charm of this casino is surely the jackpot. It offers an unbelievable amount of 2,500,000€. In the official website of casino cruise they have enlisted the names of the earlier winners. Few of them have also shared their experience about the adventurous journey with the crew member.

Amiable squad to put you at ease
At casino crew from the moment we entered till our return, the staffs of the ship kept serving us to the best of their ability. They have managed to build up a summit of being patient and cordial. They explained to us every infinitesimal aspect and clarified our doubts. The lady staffs are efficient and are awesome hostess. And the most astonishing fact is that the manager also is a nice person.

We were enjoying our cocktail at the bar, when he headed towards us, and put up a friendly conversation. The bartenders were also very co-operative and dutiful. While we were there, I could hear one of the customers complaining about the poor working of the air conditioner, to which the management staff responded in no time. The ship captain made sure that the motion of the boat did not disturb the activity of its visitors.

The food was good, although it was nothing out of the world. They serve normal food, but the varieties of items available are numerous. I liked the cocktail that I had bought, but the one that my friend bought seemed to be little crude. When we spoke to the manager about the same, he had mentioned about their executive chef’s effort to stop at nothing, but the best. He had promised to look into the matter and bring about a change.

The craft has separate areas for non-smokers. As far as my memory flashes, it was probably deck 1 and 4. The bathrooms are the only negative points in terms our experience. They were stinking a little. It seems that it was because of the careless use of the customers. Overall my thumbs are up for casino cruise.

For me although it was for the first time, it was really a memorable experience for us. It is very economical as well. You get a lot more, in comparison to what you pay. I shall visit the place at the next possible chance, to rejuvenate myself.

Australian Online Casino Reviews & Ratings

Despite what high-rollers want you to think, they also like to play it safe. But how is it possible to play it safe when there is gambling involved? Everyone knows that the house retains the edge and there is no way of predicting the outcome of a game, so safe isn’t exactly the operative word. If you ask seasoned gamblers how to get a head start, they’ll tell you to look at online Australian casino reviews and ratings. Unlike traditional casinos where every game is a mystery, the online experience provides some great information you wouldn’t normally have access to.


The Benefits of Using Reviews & Ratings when choosing AUS casinos

Would you buy a car without taking it for a test run and looking under the hood? The same principle goes for choosing an Australian online casino. You want to use the reviews and ratings as indicators to the experience you are most likely going to have. For example, a good Australian online casino and pokies review will inform you that the casino is licensed and everything is running with all the necessary legal documentation in place. It will also tell you what type of software the casino is running on, such as Micrograming or NetEnt for example, two of the most popular online pokie developers to date.

As for the ratings that are usually readily available, you will get a good idea of how often pokies might reach payouts and which ones are most likely suited for what you are looking for. In fact, the information that can be found in reviews and ratings usually save players a lot of time and effort, because they answer important questions. Is there a need to download any software or are the pokies web based? Are there table games available and if so, how many? Do players generally like playing at this online Australian casino? What systems are used to make deposits and withdrawals?

Stay Informed About Australian Pokies

There is never any guarantee that you will win a jackpot, but you can be guaranteed a great experience. In the end gambling is a form of enjoyment that just happens to come with some nice random prizes. Even if you don’t win every time you want to walk away feeling happy and relaxed. Take the time to read the reviews and see what other players have to say, because it might just spare you an evening of frustration. In fact, you’ll hardly ever see a gambler, who knows what he is doing, in a place he isn’t familiar with beforehand.

Enjoy the awesome benefits of live casinos

As casinos have come up to be the best online gaming category, then you can enjoy them to the core with the help of many online sites. There are numerous sites that you can explore when it comes and online casino games and other gambling games and you can choose the best one depending on your choice. Being so exciting to get involved in you can find uninterrupted enjoyment at mansion 88 that is bound to provide quality betting experience.

Live Gambling

Enjoy gambling benefits on M88 – The world of betting and gambling is like worlds of heaven and you have plenty of choice in today’s time that can be worth choosing. As there are number of sites that you can make a choice from, link M88 is one of the best gambling sites that you can discover for sure. There are number of benefits offered by them that make it worthy choosing. Being Asia’s most prestigious online gambling site, you can enjoy some awesome benefits as it comes with the best odds. The live sports booking makes the site even more attractive for the players as they have a chance to enjoy more in easy yet effective way. You can save your valuable time and can bet at the comfort of your home for sure. A minimum of 5 point spread is being offered by this sites which is awesome for players and enjoy it to the core. It is one of the first sites that allow 44 minutes in the first half and 90 minutes in the second half that is surely an amazing advantage to gain. You can enjoy betting for football or soccer with the peace of mind that is truly phenomenal and this makes it one of the highly recommended gaming sites.

When games have become so extremely popular and have reached to a phenomenal level these days, then online casino games have become the most popular of all. Finding best gambling sites these days is tricky because of the existence of so many sites but M88 Vietnam in Asia, is definitely the one to trust in every way. You can take amazing benefits by going through this site and if you love betting you will not get disappointed in every. The numerous benefits that you can explore makes this site different and surely awesome and is a must try.

Luck and wits for a more secure betting


Luck is something that we always need in life. But when it comes to the luck in the gambling industry we can use our wits a bit, to at least influence luck a bit. For example in my town there is a small casino, and there are certain times when the roulette machine gives a 0, and there are certain times where the machine gives a 9 or 11. The thing is you cannot not 100% sure, but there is a chance in the next 10 minutes that it will give those numbers. I actually won more times then lost just by pure luck, by getting there 1 minute before the ball was shoot out and the whole thing started to spin.

For the 0, 3pm was the perfect time and from 3pm till 3:20 pm there always was a 0. As said I got lucky a few times entering at 3:05pm and 3:19 pm betting all my money on 0 and going away with a pocket full of cash.

The important thing is to start slow, not just go in there and lose all your money. Try it out with the smallest bid and after a week you will see that some numbers come on around the same time each day. When you can narrow down the time on when they will appear you will be able to put a safer bet on the table with a higher chance of winning than you had without the knowledge. Luck is indeed important but I can never stress out the importance of the right timing and the right strategy, without it you are just going in and will lose your money in 9 out of 10 cases.

The Duck Ages Slot Review

The NuWorks casino software offers a new and exciting game called The Duck Ages. The Duck Ages is a 5 reel 25 payline video bonus slot machine that offers wilds, scatters, pyramid progressive jackpot and The Duck Age Bonus Feature. This game delivers tons of nonstop entertainment and big prize awards, and best of all can be played at a USA Online Casino.

The Duck Ages if filled with Knights, Princess Duck, King and Queen Ducks, Golden Eggs, Maidens, Castles, Coats of Armor, Scrolls and Bags of Gold. Choose between multiple coin denominations to play the game with from 0.01-1.00 per line. The paylines can be adjusted anywhere from 1 to the max of 25.


Wilds, Features and Jackpots

White and Black Knights are wild only appearing on the middle three reels. They will substitute for all other symbols to create winning combinations. The Knights double all wins when they complete a winning payline.

There are two free spin features that can be won playing The Duck Ages slot. The first one is the re-spin feature when three of the same White of Black Knights are on the middle three reels. The three reels are held in place while the other two re-spin 10 times.

The second feature awards up to 125 free games when three or more scattered Duck Ages logo appears anywhere on the reels. All wins will be doubled if the Knights appear grouped on the reels during the free games adding to the pay wins making the feature a profitable one. The free games can be retriggered if the scatters appear during the free games.

The game has a top payout of 5,000 coins when you hit five Maidens together with the White Knight symbols on an active payline. The King Duck pays out 1,000 coins and 500 for landing all five Queens.

The Duck Ages also has a Pyramid Jackpot where you can win one of 5 progressive jackpots. At the beginning of every spin you have the option to place a small wager on the Pyramid bet to activate the jackpot. If you trigger the Jackpot Pyramid game you will need to choose one of the gold vaults that holds a hidden idol. Behind each idol are different colors such as gold, green and red. Depending on the color of the idol you can moved up to a higher level on the pyramid. The top level is the grand prize award. Additional bonus prize amounts can be won as well up to 500x your bet.


While you adventure back to medieval times with the Duck Ages slot you will be amazed with the outstanding graphics, two different bonus features, progressive jackpots and a story line that tells an amusing tale. Visit Buzzluck Casino today to discover the hidden idols, and land one of the 5 progressive jackpots.

Eurojackpot: A lottery that will fulfill all your dreams


Since its launch in March 2012, Eurojackpot  is one of the largest prize lottery draw in the world. The jackpot starts from €10,000,000 and can go as high as €90,000,000. Unlike most of the lottery draw (that are played in one country), Eurojackpot has several courtiers participating. This increases the prize pool and hence the top winning amount is extraordinary large. The participating countries in the Eurojackpot are Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic and Hungary.

FAQs Rules of Eurojackpot

  • In order to play Eurojackpot, you have to choose five regular numbers between 1 and 50 plus an additional two “Star” or “Euro” numbers between 1 and 8.
  • The Eurojackpot draw takes place at approximately 9pm CET every Friday.
  • Smallest Eurojackpot prize can be won by matching a minimum of two of the main numbers and one Euro number.
  • Eurojackpot can be played from any county through internet.
  • Minimum age limit to play Eurojackpot is 18 years in most of the countries. However in some countries, its 21 years
  • Current Eurojackpot prize is €18,000,000 and next draw is on Friday 25th Sept 2015.
  • Eurojackpot ticket can be bought online from LottoLeader .
  • You can avail the random selection facility while buying the tickets. This facility ensures that the numbers selected are completely random.

Largest Eurojackpot winnings till date
Here are the top ten Eurojackpot prizes till date

Rank Date Prize in euro Country
1 2015-05-15 90,000,000.00 Czech Republic
2 2014-09-12 61,170,752.70 Finland
3 2014-12-05 58,693,173.90 Germany
4 2014-04-04 57,275,841.60 Finland
5 2015-02-20 49,670,283.00 Denmark
6 2015-07-24 46,154,745.90 Finland
7 2013-04-12 46,079,338.80 Germany
8 2013-07-19 41,522,930.10 Germany
9 2015-09-04 38,878,827.50 Finland
10 2013-01-25 29,540,641.50 Finland


Participating in Eurojackpot is very easy. With the few clicks, you can buy the tickets for Eurojackpot and can see your dream come true.

how to play eurojackpot

Lotto Leader offers Eurojackpot lottery ticket purchase online – Go to website.


What Do You Mean By No Deposit Casino Bonus

No Deposit Casino BonusRepetitiveness can nip your life off its excitement and this is the reason why people look for something new and exhilarating ways in order to make their lives a bit more interesting. You can try your hand at a number of games at an online casino in order to add a pinch of joy and impulsiveness to your life. If this sounds thrilling to you there is much more excitement that these online casinos can add to your free time. There are a number of websites that give you the opportunity to play with various online casinos. They offer no deposit bonuses from trusted online casinos to their visitors. You will be able to benefit from these free casino bonuses that promise profits along with the share of fun that to you are looking for. Casinos all over the world including the online casinos offer many perks to playing and being a loyal return customer, including free no bonus deposits. These bonuses take up a lot of the casinos revenue for marketing and advertising in order to bring more players to the casino.

Players really like these no deposit bonuses simply because of the benefits that they offer. They are given to no deposit casinos just as a motivator to join the casino and start playing. Just as the name represents, no deposit casinos does not require the player to make any deposit. Rather, these online casinos present a small amount of money to the player; this creates a sense of curiosity among them. You must have heard about online casinos with deposits, no deposits and so on but this is something more exciting and fresh. These new casinos which offer no deposit bonuses together will provide you with an all new experience of gaming, learning and having fun.

With the help of these online casinos you can play virtual games, poker, blackjack, slots and a lot more than what you would have normally thought of. You simply need to log on to the instant no deposit casino bonus and feel the difference between gambling online and a real casino. Just after you log in, the bonus or cash is made available to you in due time or else it is transferred into your account. This is the reason why this service is called as instant no deposit casino bonus.

Once you find out a no deposit bonus, assess it to a couple of the other casinos. You are more liable to find that the gambling requirements delineate different play through requirements and games than others. Once you begin playing using your no deposit bonus, you will certainly instigate to notice your individual preferences for casino software and game variations. There is nothing that would avert you from trying many games at different casinos, so as long as you are a new player for them, you truly have that alternative open to you.

Gaming as a Business

It now seems ages since the first video games were released, decades ago. It would be an understatement to say that we’ve moved far along the road of visual effects and video game complexity. Way back when, the two tanks would move in two dimensions and try to shoot each other down in order to win. Nowadays, the goals tend to go from gaining a high-enough level for your character, so that he or she (or whatever else) can raid that dangerous dungeon for completing a high-level quest, to investigating a murder case by looking for clues and connecting the dots.

casino gamingOf course, video games haven’t only changed in design, complexity and storylines. Nowadays, people are looking to earn cash by either engaging numerous competitions, or selling their profiles and characters.

In a way, gaming has turned into a kind of a sport, where players compete against each other on numerous tournaments. In most cases, teamwork is the name of the game and this is where tactics surface. So why shouldn’t it be branded a professional sport? Little or no physical effort involved? Think pool, or golf, in that case.

There’s a growing number of instances where young adults of today earn their wages by engaging in competitions annually, monthly, sometimes even on a weekly basis. The Millennials can earn up to as much as $3000 to $10,000 a month, by simply doing what they like. Over the course of his five-year career, Chen Zhihao has earned $1.1 million! Regretting telling your kids to turn off their gaming consoles and go out and play yet, parents? A professional player, best known by the pseudonym Kripparian is so aware that he’s good at what he does, that he now earns money on YouTube by making educational gaming videos.

gamingThere’s a list on the gaming site, which contains information on who has earned the most hard cash during the current day, week or month, so this should provide insight into how entertainment can earn you money.

However, going pro in terms of gaming requires sacrifice, dedication and, perhaps most of all, talent. In addition, remaining cold-headed during a match is the key towards success, so one needs to exercise a ton of emotion control, while maintaining concentration. Daily practice, for hours on end goes without saying, which can sometimes even turn into days on end.

Competitions are not the only way to earn, however. MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) have introduced selling accounts, profiles and characters once they’re all leveled-up and equipped, to those that are impatient or simply too busy to work their way up in the gaming universe in question. Some people earn as much as up to $100,000 a year by selling characters in the popular World of Warcraft, with the biggest sell amounting to a figure, just a little bit shy of $10,000!

Nowadays, playing video games is a way to make a living. In essence, it is a career choice, and it’s far from merely making ends meet. If you’re talented enough, why shouldn’t you use your skills to turn fun into money? That is the best way to make a living, isn’t it?

10 Amazing Tips to Make a Fortune in Online Slots

Playing slots  is all about winning the game by taking the right decision at the right time. There are different types of slot machines for such games in pubs and casinos. However, playing such games in casinos costs a lot, and hence playing online pokies or slots often comes as a welcome solution. As the player, you will always want to win the game but unfortunately this can’t be true for all. Therefore certain tips on this might help you to end the game on a note of success.

Online Slots

• Consider the best payout tables

There is a house edge in every casino game. It is present before you start playing the slots, while you are playing and even after the game is over. Every house edge is different from the other one. So it is always advisable to choose the games with best payout tables.

• Slots chance

In case of playing online slots, no skill is required and the game depends entirely on chance and luck. In this case, if you are playing the game just for fun, then you can opt for any slot machine. However, if you are planning to make some good money from the game, then it is better to opt for the online video poker slot machine. These machines can get you an edge and help you win such online slots, if played correctly.

• Don’t play with borrowed cash

Borrowed cash will increase tension and you will not be able to concentrate on the game. Less concentration will make you overlook important clues and informations which otherwise would have been vital in winning the game.

• Read your destiny on the slot machines

Try to read the destiny from the symbols of the slot machine. While selecting a slot machine, check the number of symbols it has. This is because the combination can be made from the number of symbols present on the slot machines which in turn helps in determining your number of wins.

Online Slots 1• Learn the strategy

Strategy plays a crutial rule in determing the result of a game while playing online pokies. Strategy cards are available on the net and these provides you with enough clues to win the online slot games.

• Don’t buy slot systems

Playing pokies online, is a matter of chance and luck. It is therefore better not to believe any person who tries to sell a slot system claiming that it has got mathematical formulas and calculations to help you win the game.

• Play maximum coins

You need to play maximum coins on progressive machines to win the progressive jackpot. If you are not playing the maximum coins, then actually you are preparing the progressive jackpot for somebody else.

• Don’t play full coins

Try not to play full coins till you need them to use. Never play full coins on machines which has straight multipliers or equal distribution.

• Know when to opt for the jackpot

It is logical that small wins will not be able to satisfy you as an experienced player for long. Quite obviously, after some time you will want to play the jackpot. However it should be remembered that a jackpot should be played only after the progressive jackpot becomes very big. This will increase your chance to win a great amount.

• Check the payouts

Generally online casinos pay 75 % to 97 %. So, it is advisable to choose an online casino which has the payout of 95% and more.

Therefore, these are the some of the basic tips which you should follow to better your chances to win in online slots. However the game should be ended at some point of time. It may so happen that in the greed to win more, you end up loosing all the money you have won.
Playing slots or pokies is all about winning the game by taking the right decision at the right time. There are different types of slot machines for such games in pubs and casinos. However, playing such games in casinos costs a lot, and hence playing online pokies or slots often comes as a welcome solution. As the player, you will always want to win the game but unfortunately this can’t be true for all. Therefore certain tips on this might help you to end the game on a note of success.